Casa Forastero


Oscar Olivas


Web Designer + Art Director


Template Customization


Website Development: Carlos Gómez

Client Details

Casaforastero is the meticulous and attentive creation of the notes of each fragrance, the artisan casting of the blown glasses, and the personalized elaboration of each of its candles.


Objectives and Goals

Attractively customize an e-commerce template that invites you to navigate the website to sell its delicious candles and subsequent products. All this while effectively communicating the lifestyle that the brand projects.



An easy-to-navigate website was created by adding a guided digital experience to it. The brand’s essence was incorporated into the site, materializing the concept of turning your spaces into aromatic memories and unique experiences in your life.


In addition, the photographic art direction was already made by the client. So the website creates the feeling of elegance, warmth, and personalization through well-selected images.