Condesa Gin


Ben Brooksby


Web Designer




Brand Design: Jonathan Schubert
Web Development: Jessica Moctezuma
Bottle Design: Swig Studio

Client Details

Condesa Gin is a new premium gin from Mexico City’s first micro distillery — bringing the creative energy and allure of Mexico City to the global spirits landscape. Inspired by their use in spiritual rituals and ceremonies, Condesa Gin’s botanicals include selected ingredients by the maestra destiladora and celebrates Mexico’s rich biodiversity.


Objectives and Goals

Introduce the brand and the product in a clear and friendly way, emphasizing the ingredients, the popular places in Mexico City and creating an experience of mysticism when entering the website.



Inspired by the illustrative characteristics of the brand, I wanted to reflect the romantic and magical personality of this new launch in an e-commerce website that is easy and intuitive to navigate displaying textures and a very “La Condesa” digital narrative.


For the photographic art direction, I established references of sensations that contributed mysticism, colonial history and femininity. Sensations that complement the versatility of the gin and the warm and enigmatic personality of the brand.


The website system relies on the illustrative and the bold nature of the typography designed to create moments of joy and rebellious femininity.